Premier provider of consulting services to both residential communities and senior move management businesses
"We will help you increase revenues while effectively developing business practices that can help you operate in an effective and productive fashion."

Reputable Leaders

Kimberly McMahon and Allison Pihl are passionate about the Move Management Industry. They are founders of Let’s Move and serve hundreds of clients each year by helping ease their transition. Kimberly and Allison, both from corporate backgrounds, understand the fundamentals necessary to operate and manage a successful and profitable business.

Create a plan. Realize your goals.

TeamWork Partners, in conjunction with Let’s Move, is a premier provider of consulting services to both residential communities and senior move management businesses.   TeamWork Partners works with small businesses to grow revenue, optimize efficiencies, reduce costs and evolve strategic business opportunities.

Move Management Business Consulting

We help you define purpose, strengthen people, structure processes, optimize financial performance and establish metrics.  Our clients have grown by 50% to even 350% the very year they have contracted our services.  That is a return on investment that can’t be missed!

TeamWork Partners consults with Senior Move Management firms to develop a differentiated and competitive business plan for your market area.  We work to help organizations craft best practices in order to offer a competitive solution.  We help you implement business processes to improve performance and move you to the next level of business growth.  Leveraging our industry knowledge, TeamWork Partners is able to work with you to implement business strategies that will increase your revenue.

TeamWork Partners offers consulting services to optimize your effectiveness in the market.  We will enable you to grow and realize more revenue in less time.  We will set up processes and procedures based on best practices in the industry.  Investing in business structure and development enables the evolution of business performance.  We specialize in:

TeamWork Partners will develop a phased plan of recommendations for your move management business to implement effective and marketable solutions for business growth.  We help you attract an ideal clients quickly, while simultaneously developing a profitable revenue stream.  We offer helpful consultation based on our deep knowledge of best practices in working with individuals in transition.

Community Based Business Consulting

Learn How to Attract Residents to Your Community.

TeamWork Partners works with residential communities to create the service models that work best with prospective buyers.  TeamWork Partners is experienced in what motivates the 55 or better lifestyle choices.  Our sister company, Let’s Move, works with clients in transition every day.  Teamwork Partners has a deep understanding of what motivates individuals and couples toward a buying decision and willingness to move forward with a lifestyle change. We understand the environment in which they live and are able to interpret the factors that will make them content in a new space.

It is critical for communities to stay up-to-date on lifestyle trends that differentiate a community and attract residents.  This includes the ease of the transition into the community, assistance in clearing, cleaning, staging and selling a prospect’s existing home, as well as specific amenities now required for the thriving 55 or better prospective residents. We work with communities to make certain they offer what residents are looking for today and will look for in the near future.

We work with you to implement best practices that will attract diverse and suitable candidates for residency.  We develop best practice strategies for sales, marketing and new business development, as well as the associated process improvements.  Working with management, we set milestones and objectives upon which to measure success.

TeamWork Partners evaluates existing business practices and provides solutions to common or unusual issues that impact your company’s bottom line.  We develop purpose, people, performance, processes, and procedures.  Evolve your business to deliver value added services that differentiate you in the marketplace.

Your future begins with the steps you take now; contact us today, to define your future.