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Planning Tip

Growth in profit starts with a sound financial infrastructure. Financial Management is not just growing your revenue line. Successful companies must consider the increase of costs associated with the increase in revenue.

Financial Management

Organize Your Finances to Protect and Grow Your Revenue

TeamWork Partners offers financial consulting that will organize and prepare you to increase revenue and more effectively manage expenses.  Our work begins with building a strong operational structure to oversee your company finances and creating a financial system that will support your growth.  We support our clients by establishing detailed financial management systems, which enables the tracking and management of company finances.  Our goals in establishing a system is to create the following:

  • A robust invoicing system, ensuring all revenue is realized in a timely manner
  • A means to track the company’s expenses, thus separating the company from personal finances, and creating a picture of the health of the business
  • A financial system used at tax time to ensure the business profit and loss is appropriately reflected in your taxes

With our expertise in using Quickbooks, we will work with you to develop an appropriate chart of accounts and set of reports that will allow you to understand your company’s financial picture at any moment.  Having a complete financial picture will give you a better understanding of whether your pricing and expenses are aligned, and what areas can be improved to advance your financial situation.

TeamWork Partners also offers a financial controls handbook that will provide the financial policies needed for the growth of your business.  These are the processes that will govern your financial management.  Through this handbook, you will be able to establish the operations necessary in managing the overall financial health of your organization.

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